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Special Events

For more than 30 years, Consult M has set new standards in special event production. The 2007 Atlantis Gala, named the event-of-the-year by Convention South Magazine, and the 2008 Shangri-La Gala were just the start of a series of events designed as complete audience development spectaculars. The 2009 and Centennial Arts Gala (2010) showcased the talents and benefitted the students of the arts at Southern Miss. They took event production to the extreme as a record 600 guests enjoyed over 500 performers, food, dining, costumes, lights, and live music.


Notable projects include:

  • 2019 Partners for the Arts Gala - "Casablanca"

  • 2010 Centennial Arts Gala

  • 2009 Arts Gala

  • Shangri-La Gala, 2008

  • Atlantis Symphony Gala, 2007

    • Convention South Event-of-the -Year

Galas raised the visibility of the orchestra and arts at Southern Miss increasing ticket sales across the board for individual events, winning awards for design and generating more than $60,000 per event.


To read Mississippi Magazine 2010 Centennial Arts Gala: Gold article, click here.


To read Convention South Atlantis Gala Award article, click here.

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